• Gaultheria Oil

    Relives Joint & muscular pain, used for Arthritis & Rheumatic pain, knee pain, Spontilises, Frozen Sholders.

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  • Eucalyptus Oil

    An Idle pain reliever, very effective for headache, cold, bodypain, rtheumatism, mild fever, throat pain, dengue fever, chest congestions, flue, Asthma.

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  • Lemon Grass Oil

    Reduces hypertension, Gastric, Acidity acts as an exellent antacid and an idle blood purifier.

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Neeraj Essential Oil

Brings to you the natural treasures of our age old traditons, refined and pure to give you its natural health & goodness.

These oils are natural and have been a part of our daily utility for ages and are to this day effectively used.

We are the largest supplier of these oils for many decades all over India and are known for our quality and commitment in this trade.

Our products are assured for its quality and its natural frangances.

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